I have been looking for a new site for a although but I dont want en route for play partypoker because all their sit and go's are turbo or hyper or hyper turbo and I want just standard.

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Flopped a set? What really got my attention though is how often one of my opponents got a pocket pair at any time I had one or some else at the table had one. This creates a absolute European community, where you are almost guaranteed to find a space at a tournament table, or something more casual. It would be easy to prove the implausible odds of me losing as many times has I have. Turn around en route for today when NL is bigger than Limit and Stars isn't the titan it used en route for be. No questions asked. Denial consideration will be considered for subsequent installations. I'm not absolutely if its Pokerstars that is rigged or if its been hacked - either way its not something you should deposit any money into.

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Also that or it is rigged Jan 5, by vj on PokerStars Review Mad at myself Feeling really ripped off after that angry at myself for body so naive. In other words, the opportunity is there en route for win big for little asset. I figured it was years ago I last played there, maybe it's not as bad as my memory is decisive me. Im sure that this detail is one thing so as to ps think will bring accomplishment - it will be the opposite. I too have a screenshot backlog of bad beats, but this was just really felt the worst. Quads, straight flushes, etc.