Keeping a popular website up after that running can be expensive, after that so sometimes we show advertisements which help generate income.

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Some users depending on age, internet experience, and other factors bidding be more vulnerable than others. To help provide an enhanced user experience, browsers allow websites to store small amounts of data on users' computers. Friv is a Registered Trademark. Cell phone or non-Flash users can access Friv Mobile.

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Even if each computer may have a unique IP address, this identifier is never linked with a few personal information such as the name or street address of the user. Your Safety The internet provides some amazing experiences, but it is a largely unregulated environment, and this naturally presents some issues regarding abuser safety. Below you will achieve information detailing the types of data received and collected as a result of Friv and other parties, after that how it is used. It is important to highlight the features - and perhaps add importantly, the absence of features - which help make Friv a safer place to act. Users should be aware so as to the games made available en route for users on Friv may vary according to device used, the geo location of the abuser, the time of day the site is being accessed, after that other factors. Friv very rarely communicates directly with users, although much more importantly, Friv does not facilitate communication between users.


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