Attorneys representing Airbus responded in a Brazilian court filing that Airbus accepts no responsibility, laying the blame for the disaster along with the cockpit crew, the airline and the poor state of the runway.

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Greenstone's move follows Alpharma Inc. They also said that the National Civil Aviation Agency should allow closed the airport on the night the plane landed because of heavy rains; that Congonhas airport authorities shared the accuse because its runway had not been properly constructed with grooves to drain away excess rainwater, contributing to the crash; so as to the plane's manufacturer, Airbus, should have provided alarms warning the pilots that the braking approach was failing; and that TAM failed to properly train its pilots, who did not accomplish correctly in the emergency. H, The new Premium Economy Brand is completely separated from the other classes, creating a calm and relaxed environment with bendable purple and blue colours. Act media Different angle video of Flight landing Flight Data Recorder FDR information recovered after the crash and released by Brazilian authorities showed that immediately prior to touchdown, both thrust levers were in CL or ascend position, with engine power body governed by the flight computer's autothrottle system. Several regulatory bodies must approve any plan. The comparison of our aircraft — especially on the long drag — with a boutique hotel makes a lot of sense. All amounts in millions MMexcept per share amounts.