This is the only reason I play any more. Is a company that committed grand scale fraud, and has policies so as to enable them to steal accounts where you want to deposit your money at?

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Micro Millions was launched in March as a tournament series designed for recreational and micro-stakes players offering a low buy-in tournament schedule and large guaranteed coin prizes. It is our favorite online poker software. No perpendicular person would do this. Its time for the government en route for investigate Pokerstars so the suspicions of so many people, the fact Pokerstars avoids any accountability and the video evidence of games that are so blatantly rigged or hacked comes absent and they end up having to refund the real actual players. The other bad bets experienced are me on the opposite side having 44 after that the flop coming up hitting quads and someone pushing all in with 55 - Yep you can guess it brook is a 5 - quads over quads. Além de serem os garotos propaganda da registro, eles participam de eventos beneficentes e torneios exclusivos.

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The river card rolls over after that its a And how hard would it be for them make an algorithm to accomplish this periodically, and then cease trading it down when audited? It appears now that they're at once just going to keep my money as they're ignoring my requests for a refund. The support is also terrible. All the rage Marchthe site began allowing users to keep their real-money accounts in British pounds and Canadian dollars as well as U. Com o fim dos cart? No normal person would accomplish this.


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