But you create a premium account on Monday, April 14, you will receive your first stipend on Tuesday, April Peak control is measured by the ceiling amount of land you held — for any length of time — during your billing cycle.

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Choose continue watching this blog for further updates. Choose Buy. You may also wish to assessment your group land contributions after that make arrangements to keep your group's land holdings in able standing. Oct 31, Please attend to this blog for updates. The item will then be transferred to your inventory.

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Be grateful you for your patience, after that please keep an eye on this blog for updates! Has this domain expired any age before? The default limit on the number of avatars allowed in a region is at the same time as follows: Jan 22, You can also wish to check your group land contributions and accomplish arrangements to keep your group's land holdings in good continuance. If you have any issues participating in the auctions, choose report them by submitting a support ticket. The inworld deal kiosks only provide the hot premium virtual good. The burden time was 0. Find the premium sandboxes through the Second Life Destination Guide:

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But you have any concerns before issues participating in the auctions, please report them via our support ticket system. If you're thinking about canceling your account entirely, consider leaving it committed with a basic membership, which costs nothing to maintain. Dec 3, Jan 6,

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This fact suggests this domain potentially has low traffic from USA and Canada. For more information, see Land Use Fees. Achieve the premium sandboxes through the Second Life Destination Guide: Generally, there is one sandbox apiece Linden Home continent. Thank you for your continued patience, after that please refer to this blog for any further updates.