Players choose up to 10 numbers, or spots, from 1 en route for H Validity of tickets.

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Players should scan their ticket en route for determine if it has won a prize. All prizes all the rage game rule number fifty-five shall be paid out in a lump sum. Players can also watch an animated depiction of the drawing they played as a result of visiting the Keno page by palottery. D Structure, nature after that value of prize awards. H Validity of tickets. A Title and term.

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F Frequency of prize drawings. The Ohio lottery commission shall be free of any liability all the rage connection with this paragraph. But a valid winning ticket shows a wager of two dollars, three dollars, four dollars, five dollars, ten dollars or twenty dollars per drawing, the regular prize award shown below for a one dollar wager shall multiply according to the ante amount shown on the valid winning ticket for that drawing. The director shall have the option to change the prizes and percentages which represent the prize pools in each of the categories referred to all the rage paragraphs D 1 through D 38 of this rule.

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